About us


GlobalCoin Foundation is a non-profit public company established in Singapore. The decentralized globalcoin consumption accounting smart contract created by globalcoin foundation has found an economic approach that is in line with the interests of the majority of people, which is referred to as "consumption wealth contract". It is a kind of "all rich" consumption smart contract account book, which provides a win-win economic platform for all participants and realizes more consumption, It is equivalent to saving more money; now consumption, the future pension new consumption rich mode.

The smart contract consumption bookkeeping mode created by globalcoin foundation will certainly overthrow the old consumption mode, rebuild the relationship between consumers and businesses, and let consumers become zero investment and zero risk investors by the way when they consume, and become consumer investors in the process of sharing. Globalcoin foundation focuses on providing the ultimate consumption mode of transaction services for businesses and consumers (investors), providing the most scientific and fair distribution system for all participants, and making billions of people on the road to prosperity.

Consensus produces value


The natural law of renewal and iteration and the law of human evolution tell us that where there is oppression, there will be resistance; where there is backwardness, there will be subversion. The responsibility and goal of globalcoin is to awaken the global consumers with the mode and technology of "consumption creates value" and "consumption equals investment", so as to transform from "true value slave" to "God" with substantive, discourse power and decision-making power.

Starting from following the principle that consumers are the root of all economic chains, technology chains and service chains; taking safeguarding the fundamental rights and interests of nearly 7.6 billion global consumers as the cornerstone; taking the ability to bring additional, short-term, sustained and unexpected benefits to 7.6 billion global consumers as the core, we should persuade, call on and unite global consumers to use the zero input and risk-free mode in the daily consumption process, In an easy and convenient way, it can aggregate into the world's largest consumer consensus body by selecting the global lcoin smart contract for consumption accounting (how much to consume, how much to book, how much to earn)