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No, because what you get is the consumption bookkeeping right given by the merchants. You enter the blockchain account book with the bookkeeping right, start the contract, and obtain digital assets through the contract.

You don't need to invest, you don't have to force consumption, you don't need to stock up, there's no risk of inventory.


We often say that your control of the money in your wallet depends on the ownership and control of the corresponding private key. In the blockchain transaction, the private key is used to generate the signature necessary for the payment currency to prove the ownership of the fund. The private key must be kept confidential at all times, because once it is disclosed to a third party, the assets protected by the private key will give up.

In fact, the private key is not stored in the network, but generated by the user and stored in a file or a simple database, which is called wallet. The private key stored in the user's wallet is completely independent and can be generated and managed by the user's wallet software without blockchain or network connection.

In a system with many nodes distributed, each node has a high degree of autonomy. Nodes can be freely connected with each other to form a new connection unit. Any node may become a stage center, but it does not have the mandatory central control function, and there is no single party control data or information. The influence between nodes will form a nonlinear causal relationship through the network. This open, flat and equal system phenomenon or structure is called decentralization. Each party on the blockchain can access the entire database and its complete history. Verify the records of its trading partner directly without the need for an intermediary.

Wallet is the management tool of private key, it only contains private key, not a certain token. The wallet contains a pair of private keys and public keys. The user uses the private key to sign the transaction to prove that the user has the right to output the transaction. The output transaction information is stored in the blockchain.

When users use the wallet, your keystore, mnemonic and plaintext private key are all wallets. Keystore is your wallet with "lock", while mnemonics and plaintext private keys are totally exposed wallets without any security. Therefore, when using mnemonics and plaintext private keys, you must pay attention to confidentiality.